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Whether you are hunting down a fabled imported Nissan Skyline GTR-34 or searching for a Mazda Bongo, Fresh Imports has you covered. We choose the most popular models of imported cars, whether they are imported from japan, china, america or elsewhere, we review the imports and then do all the leg work for you, finding all the for sale imported cars of that model from several different uk auto-import websites. Save time, let us do the leg work and enjoy your cracking new fresh import!

Importing your own car..

There are so many cars already being imported from abroad that importing your own car is not really nescessary. It is a process that can be done, by seeking a japanese or other language speaker to find and purchase the car in auction, then get it shipped to the uk. When shipped to the uk the car must then be imported via the DVLA and converted to uk road-legality. We would advise either using a uk car import agent or simply buying a car that has already been successfully imported, converted and registered via the DVLA. Once imported these cars are known as grey imports.

What are you waiting for?..

You can view the different imported models available by clicking one on the left-hand menu. Our current favourite has to be the Toyota Supra, which although aging now still gives you the full bang for your buck! - If its not high performance japanese muscle your looking for on fresh imports then how about a cheap imported MPV (Multi-Person Vehicle)? These are also very common as imported cars.



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